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3 Steps to Being Transparent and Developing an Authentic Voice Online

You read a lot about being “authentic” and “transparent” when communicating online and how people will see right through you if you aren’t. Though we know what being authentic and transparent means it’s easier said than done. Let’s face it, it’s hard letting people see the real you and even harder sometimes to find your real voice. So what can you do to make sure you are communicating in a way that brings value to both you and those with whom you wish to engage online?

1. Be a giver. Give of yourself by providing good solid information about what you do or the products you represent. If you think it’s the same old information that everyone else is giving away then put your own spin to it with a good true story or analogy. Don’t be afraid of putting yourself and your company out there; sometimes it’s the only way to get the conversation going.

2. Be yourself. Everyone is unique and it’s that uniqueness that enables us to see something from our own point of view. Giving your take on something should always be conversational even if it is different or even confrontational. As long as you always remember that this is a conversation with one or more people who are all a part of the exchange, then civil discourse can take place.

3. Listen and refine. Listening to others is the key to mastering your own voice. Being able to handle challenges quickly and with grace as well as taking what others have to say and incorporating their thoughts and views when appropriate show others respect and acceptance.

There will always be the types online that feel if you don’t agree with them or buy their product or like what they like then they have nothing to say to you. It is unfortunate how many people get pushed away or turned off from being able to have a great exchange where everyone can participate and grow. Being able to reach as many people as possible with your voice in an open and positive way is the new (and certainly the best) way of marketing yourself, your company or your views.

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