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3 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now To Spread Your Word

There are a few things every business should be doing to spread the word about themselves. From dental offices to neighborhood salons, business owners can and should be promoting themselves online. These aren’t hard things to do. All it takes is a little effort.

  1. Google Places – This should be the first place you add your presence online. Places takes the information about your business, and displays it on Google Maps and in search results. Within Places, business hours, address and phone numbers can be displayed. Videos and photos can also be added to further expose your business to potential customers. It’s easy to add a business to Places, and should be done by every business.
  2. Yelp & Angie’s List – Services like Yelp and Angie’s List have become invaluable as people have become more mobile. For instance, my wife and I were on vacation recently, and used Yelp to locate different businesses in the area. Similarly, we use Yelp to guide us to places within our own city. The businesses that don’t add a presence to these types of services are destined to be missed.
  3. Vertical Business Directories – By vertical, I mean industry specific directories. For instance, there are dentist specific directories that compile listings of dental offices in an area. It’s the same with insurance agents, real estate agents and medical doctors. These online directories feed search engines with information about your business, which in turn boosts your search ranking. The end result, of course, is more awareness about your business.

It’s up to you to spread the word about your business. Start with these 3 things, and you’ll be headed in the right direction!

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