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5 Applications You Must Have On Your Company’s Facebook Page

Smart businesses are adding Facebook pages in order further their company message. The even smarter businesses are actually engaging page visitors. It’s great to have a page on Facebook, but if you don’t engage the people that visit your page, you are missing out on potential web traffic for your business. Here are 5 applications you need to have on your businesses Facebook page.

  1. Polls – One of the most popular poll applications is Polldaddy. These applications give you the ability to engage your customer, and gauge their interest in things that you are planning. Plus it’s a great way to see how popular your FB page is.
  2. Networked Blogs – If you maintain a blog on your business website, why not use this application to increase your readership? Every time you add a new post to your business blog, your FB page will be updated.
  3. YouTube – Gone are the days where only large companies could afford to have marketing videos produced. YouTube has been the great playing-field leveler. Add videos to your businesses YouTube account, and the YouTube for Pages application can post them to your Facebook page.
  4. Promotions – The Promotions application enables you to offer special perks to those that visit your Facebook page. There is no doubt about the loyalty this will engender in your page followers.
  5. RSS Feed – One useful way to keep fresh content on your Facebook page is to use your company blog’s RSS feed. While it is certainly better to add fresh, organic content to the page, importing your blog’s RSS feed will lighten the content creation load.

If your company is on Facebook, try some of these applications. You’ll find your brand loyalty increase exponentially.

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