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5 Do-It-Today Media Strategies for Getting Noticed in New Places on the Web

If you are like me, then you regularly look for ways of throwing yourself in front of oncoming web traffic. Building quality links back to your site, link baiting, audio/video content strategies… they all play a role in the numbers game. But what can you do to shift the needle today? Here are five proven, immediate and simple things you can act on today to create new link streams.

  1. Twitter. If you are still declining to participate in the conversational opportunities that take place every day in 140 characters or less, you are missing out. We regularly get new sales leads and build valuable networks with other talented creatives and entrepreneurs. All at a cost of 30 minutes a day.
  2. Create valuable comments. A bright, well placed thought in a blog post comment section (which accompanies your name and web site URL) can be a big booster of not only traffic, but perceived expertise.  You don’t have to spend hours crafting your message in this format. It is said that brevity is the soul of wit. Lucky you, eh?
  3. Create accounts in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any other social networking site halfway related to your market. Then use the services 30 minutes a week or so. Add people to your friends lists, see what others are saying, and participate by adding value where you can. Have fun with it, and know that all the while you are leaving bread crumbs for others to follow back to you.
  4. Put the word out. Start adding your various social network IDs to emails, web site profiles, etc, as a way to invite people to connect with you online. You will be amazed how many other people are already using these sites, and just how enthusiastic they can be about connecting there.
  5. Blog today. Some say that blogging is experiencing a dip lately.  But nothing is stopping Google from indexing good, relevant content every day, wherever it finds it. If you have content you know people need, get it out there today!  Write two good paragraphs, and hit the publish button.
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