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Allow me to engage a fraction of your cognitive surplus for a few minutes as you watch this amazing presentation, and then let’s have a discussion:

Much has been said on this subject elsewhere, but I’d like to look at the emerging culture of participatory content in light of its impact on business communications. Actually I just want to dream out loud for a few minutes about what it would be like to find a company willing to take the chance on ditching their carefully controlled, canned brand experience, and give their own consumers, clients and customers a real opportunity to participate. To participate in the creation of the brand, not just in the canned homogenized experience the brand proffers.

What would that look like? Just wipe the slate clean of decades of brand management, and ask the world to develop the new campaign from scratch. En masse. Without a single top-down directive or offhand suggestion in sight.

But ask yourself, which is inherently more risky, spending millions building a brand experience that relatively few people embrace, or letting the intended market itself tell you and others how they prefer to experience things?

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