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Better Understanding Twitter

Twitter has gotten a whole lot of people’s attention in the last year. I have had an account since the beginning, but I confess, I did not start really using it until the last few months. What a shame.

I am finally understanding the purpose, but in that statement I am acknowledging that the purpose is VERY subjective and perhaps different for everyone reading this. And to talk about the many ways Twitter can be used is outside the scope of this post.

One specific reason I am using it right now is news qualification. While a feed reader aggregates my news, I found it didn’t do a good job of telling me what was worth reading. Twitter, or more specifically, Twitterers, and those few who bother to find the good stuff and Tweet it, are serving the needed qualification I was seeking. Now, if someone I follow on Twitter says I need to see a post, and five others mention it, then rest assured I will be reading it before long. Even if there weren’t other reasons to love Twitter, that alone is reason enough.

Interesting how social media technologies, when used in conjunction with one another, begin to help filter the information noisefloor, making it easier to find the good layers you crave, and rise above the petty ones you don’t have time for.

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