Client Spotlight – Way Solutions

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We love video. It sells people, products and services like nothing else on the web. That’s why when Way Solutions Founder Jennifer Way approached us about helping to brand and market a new training product, we went straight to the most effective tool in the Harkins Creative kit: Web Video Production.

The Challenge

After years of working on the corporate side of HR, with Fortune 50 companies, Jennifer felt she had gained tremendous insight into the hiring process, both from the candidate and the corporate sides. It was apparent to her that candidates would benefit from seeing “behind the curtain” of the hiring process, and that ultimately, it would make for better hires in general. Seeing the interview and hiring process “from the other chair” would help to build job seekers’ confidence in applying and interviewing for jobs. And in the current market, that’s a pretty important thing indeed. But how to go about casting this training material, when it was brand new, and hadn’t even taken it’s ultimate and finished form?

The Solution: Video Storytelling

We scheduled a cameraman to be on location during a preliminary “test class” which would be used as a proving ground for the material. After the series of classes (scheduled over a month) concluded, we taped exit interviews with participants of the class, asking them about the benefits of the material. We then spent some time interviewing Jennifer herself, making sure to cover the salient bits we would be showcasing in a final video production. Back in the studio, we were able to identify some compelling similarities in the stories from participants, and put together a strong video that caused the benefits of the material to really become evident, through the eyes of participants themselves. The final result is an organic, spontaneous and authentic endorsement from those that were helped by the classes, and it has already proven to connect with the intended audience. Jennifer will be placing the video (and others created from the material shot during those sessions) on the Way Solutions web site very soon.