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Do You Have Too Many Cooks In Your Website’s Kitchen?

There is an old saying, “To many cooks in the kitchen spoil the pot” and we see the same thing from time to time when it comes to websites and marketing of that website. This is especially true for smaller companies that are trying to manage everything themselves because there is just so much stuff out here to learn you have to have some help.

You end up with one guy or gal that is your webmaster and takes care of the technical aspects of your site, you have someone else who does content and writes for your site and hopefully posts and does articles for you and you may have another who is administering your Adwords campaigns while someone else does link building and more advanced SEO techniques. All this is going on and you or possibly one of the above is managing all this to make sure it’s all being done correctly; or you hope it is…

Add to that the process of getting your social sites set up right and reviews done and monitored in a way to drive business to your business and the local maps set up for Google and Bing. After a while it is easy to see how you can have so many people working in and around your website that the lines start to blur and no one knows what the other guys is doing. You now have too many cooks in your website marketing kitchen! At this point you better know enough about the process to know who to eliminate. If you don’t, the pot will be spoiled for a long time.

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