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Don’t Get Left Behind Because of FEAR

Fear is a very funny emotion in that people respond in totally opposite ways when confronted by it. A small percentage of people both male and female will attack and move toward the very thing they are afraid of while the vast majority either are paralyzed and stuck where they are or run for the hills. From what I have witnessed in regard to people adapting to an online world, if the internet was an elephant there would be a lot of damage being done.

Fear is also an equalizer between the generations as many older people adapt very well to being online and using mobile devices. I personally have a second cousin in her mid 70’s that can use her iPhone with the best of them and know several kids in their mid 20’s that don’t know the first thing about a computer past Facebook. What that tells me is you tackle what you don’t understand or fear for one of several reasons;

  • curiosity
  • knowledge
  • work or business requires it
  • you are an early adapter with just about everything

While you would think this would cover a lot of people; it doesn’t. That means the rest of us just have to decide if we are going to learn what we need to learn or not. If you are a business owner or manager the very existence of your business may rely on what you decide about this question alone. Don’t let the fear of what you don’t know keep you from learning the very things that could take your business to the next level.

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