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Five Signs That You’re Not Working Your Website

Your website may not be working because you’re not working it. The following 5 things should be done on every website regardless of what type it is; service, product, etc.

  1. You haven’t gotten around to putting an analytic program like the FREE Google Analytics on your website yet. You must have a way to look and see how many visitors, bounce rate, keywords and keyword phrases, etc that are both working and not working for your site. Without it, you are simply working blind.
  2. Your address and phone number are listed on all of your print and advertising but you don’t think email and website address is important enough to reprint all your business collateral. Wrong! Today over 59% start doing research online for any service or product. It is very important to list that website on everything you do or say.
  3. You left your contact information off the website because you’re afraid you are going to be bothered all the time and you don’t really want to be bothered. Are you kidding? If you are in business legitimately then you must list your name, address and local phone number as well as a way for your customers and clients to contact you through email. This is a sign of trust, which is the first step to doing business with you.
  4. You don’t think you have enough to say to keep a blog going so you just decide it’s not worth your time. Is your business worth your time? I hope you said yes because blog posts are one of the best indicators of an active business and can separate you from the pack. Giving good solid information establishes you as the expert in your field and makes people want to come back and read what you have to say over and over again. It’s a must do if you want to work your website.
  5. You hate Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and the entire social networking thing. My son hated to take baths growing up but it was not an option and neither is social networking. There are some shortcuts to getting posts out in the social sphere but there are no shortcuts on good content. Knowing that, concentrate on good content and learn the shortcuts to posting.

Just putting up a website will not help you unless you work that website for all its worth. Investing in a website that cost thousands and then doing nothing to promote or get the word out that you have something important to say, do or sell is a crazy way to do business and no one would advise you to do it. So if you are going to spend; or have already spent that kind of money, be prepared to do what has to be done to promote and work your website. Only when this is done will your website start working for you.

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