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Getting Your Head Around 2011

I am always floored by the talk at the end of every year in regard to politics; especially how what goes on each December that will carry over into the following year. While taxes certainly affect each of us, I have discovered that what is best for me is to concentrate on what I have control over.  It is much more productive to evaluate myself and my business at the end of each year and identify what has worked and what has not worked throughout the previous year as well as to start the planning and strategies that I would like to implement in the next year.

Worrying about what Congress is going to do, to my knowledge, has never made me any additional money. I have and will continue to call my Congressman and/or Senator and put in my two cents but again, to my knowledge that has never changed my Congressman or Senators mind so I see no sense in making decisions based on what they do in Washington. What does make sense to me is to spend my time thinking about and discussing the things that directly impact my business so I can make changes that need to be made. Thinking ahead also allows me the advantage of being prepared for whatever comes down the pike; to be able to move swiftly and decisively when things change that will affect the business and this includes whatever ends up being passed in Congress in regard to taxes or anything else.

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