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Google IS a Four Year Old

A few days ago my partner’s 4 year old son was in the office and he asked his dad to play with him. He was very specific about where his dad could sit and what he was allowed to do. He told his dad that he was going to run around the table this particular way and only when he got to a certain spot was he able to reach out and grab him. Once the rules were clear, the game began.

The little boy took off like a light exactly as he described and when he rounded the side of the table to the exact spot he had selected; his father reached out and scooped him up in his arms! The boy laughed with such glee that everyone in the room couldn’t help but smile. His dad placed him on the floor again and he took off in the same direction just like before. He got to that same spot and his dad reached out and grabbed him again and swung him up into the air. But this time the little boy had a huge frown on his face and stated loudly, “Dad, you didn’t do it right!”

“What do you mean I didn’t do it right?” My partner asked. “I did it the same way I did before and it was fine.”

“But the rules changed this time.” Said the defiant little tike with his arms placed securely on his hips.

“Well, when did the rules change?” asked my friend trying to figure out what he might of missed.

“Daddy, they change when I want them to change.”

And that’s when it hit me! Google is a four year old child. They don’t have to tell you anything or explain a thing because they change when they want to change. And like dealing with a four year old; you just got to go with it and realize you probably won’t be laughing as much when it’s Google.

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  1. GREAT analogy. Glad my son was an inspiration for this post!

    Comment by Carter Harkins on October 15, 2010 at 11:08 am

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