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Google Is the New Phone Book

I’m sure those in my age group (30’s) once used the phone book to find listings for people and businesses. Many in the older age groups still do. However, people are increasingly using Google to find out about their immediate surroundings. The web has become more than just a giant encyclopedia, and businesses need to adjust.

As I have said before, the smartphone age has brought mobile search light-years ahead in a short amount of time. People just aren’t looking to phone books for business listings any more. Businesses are finding that phone book listings are just too expensive for what you get. Even though phone book companies have tried to setup their own web services, they are having a hard time competing with Google. That’s because Google provides the same services as a phone book company to a wider audience for no cost.

If you want people to find you, make sure you have a solid presence on Google. Their Places and Maps services are becoming very important to search results. Get familiar with the way Google works, or you risk being left behind.

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