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Have You Accomplished Your 2010 Marketing Goals Yet?

I bring your goals for 2010 up for one reason only; if you haven’t reached them yet you most likely won’t between now and the end of the year. While you may be kicking yourself, don’t. The fact is there are a small percentage of small companies that actually reach all their goals in any given year and that’s not all bad as long as the ones you did reach propelled you forward in some form or fashion.

It’s also true that small business suffer from working “in” their business far more than working “on” their business and it becomes more apparent as they get close to the end of the year. They realize their marketing plan, accounting system, employee retention and a thousand other things have either suffered or not been touched at all or in a long time. I can’t help you with everything but I can help you with not only evaluating your marketing plan for the upcoming year but implementation of the plan. Knowing what to do is just the starting point. Putting everything into action in the right order with the right team is where the results lie. It is only through those results that you get a true measure of return on investment for the overall marketing plan.

Many people who deal with online marketing measure with traffic or clicks. It may make you feel great to get all that traffic but if that traffic or click through is not buying what you have or want the service you provide then it’s not worthy traffic. This is why having a plan of action that points everything you do in the correct direction is extremely important when marketing to any demographic these days whether online or off. To not work “on” the marketing of your business is the first step to disaster for a small business in today’s climate.

Give your business a Christmas present this year and stop to really evaluate your business and online/offline marketing going into 2011. Give yourself a chance to take your business to the next level; you will be glad you did.

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