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Is the Migration to Facebook Real or Out of Fear of Google’s Power?

I’ve been in the online marketing world for almost a decade now and find some interesting behaviors with consumers and business alike; they tend to operate out of fear more than they would like to admit.

After Google’s move last Friday that affected almost 12% of the businesses indexed it has become increasingly obvious that Google controls many companies’ fates. They pretty much wiped out JC Penny’s and rankings overnight when these company’s were “found out” to be using black hat tactics (those Google has said it will not tolerate) to get high rankings on Google. Google has also admitted this last month in an attempt to out Bing as a cheater, that it can and has manipulated search results after they had stated publicly before that they would never do such a thing.

Now all you read about is how Facebook is slowly, or not so slowly, taking over in gaining on Google as the next big thing; or bigger thing, depending on what you are reading. So my question is; are people really going over to a social site in order to gain product share or are they just trying to find somewhere else to go so they don’t feel at the mercy of Google power?

Do companies really feel comfortable being at the mercy of any online business that can, at the drop of a hat (no pun intended) change the game? It may be that while Facebook exes tout the demise of the website and Google’s world, there is someone in a garage or warehouse in the world coming up with the next big thing that allows companies to engage their customers and clients directly bypassing both Google and Facebook!

Hey, stranger things have happened. There was a time when no one saw Google or Facebook coming…

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