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Keywords Make the Web Go ‘Round

I’ve been studying up on keywords lately. I used to be fairly haphazard about what keywords or key phrases I used in blog posts and pages. I didn’t really understand how search engines used these words to help people find my content. When you think about it, you can write the greatest prose since Shakespeare, but if no one finds it, it’s not really that useful.

When search engine spiders crawl your site, these keywords and key phrases help them decide the relevance of your site. So, if you want people to read your great article about your favorite restaurant in Montreal, Canada, then you want to be very specific with your keywords. What part of town is it in? What type of cuisine do they serve? Are there other identifying characteristics about that restaurant? Answering these questions will help you know what keywords to use.

While there are several aspects to good SEO, mastering the keyword and key phrase concept is a solid first step. You’ll have your website seen by the web browsing masses in no time!

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