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Local Business & NAP – Why it’s Important

Back when the only way to find a business was by letting your “fingers do the walking” through the Yellow Pages, it was relatively easy for the business owner to change and/or forward a phone number. It was easy to get that address changed through the post office as well in a reasonable amount of time along with sending out change of address cards to vendors, clients and other “must haves” on your list. Yes, when the only source was the big yellow book there wasn’t much thought that had to go into a move, opening up another location or just making a business change of some sort; merger, name change or changing from one type of business to another. However, now that the internet pulls from multiple sources to get your NAP, (business name, address and phone number) all of a sudden it’s not as easy to get and maintain control over.

There is no longer just one place to go where you can enter in your new or changed information and then forget about it. In fact, there are many places you now have to visit to make sure your business listings are correct. We have heard of businesses that have had to revisit listings and directories multiple times before their information is corrected. Many businesses either don’t know this is something they need to pay attention to or find it too hard and time consuming to bother with so they don’t. The problem with not paying attention and correcting your NAP is the search engines (Google, Bing, etc) look to see that the NAP is consistent on as many listings as possible to put that business as high on the local listings as possible. NAP confusion can cause your business to be “out of favor” with the SERP’s, especially when it’s all about local search. You might beat it in time but in the mean time your competitors just might shoot right by you in local online listings.

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