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Multipurpose videos for web/TV/DVD

I recently completed a video production project for a new client, and I wanted to share some of the strategy behind the creative choices we made. But first, here’s the video:

The client’s video needs were simple: Create a 5-minute DVD that can be looped continuously on a TV at a trade show booth. They supplied all the images of their work, and wanted me to assemble a slide show, with some cool transitional graphics, if the budget would allow. It was only after I quizzed them a bit more that I learned that their web site had no video yet, and while they had talked about doing something, it wasn’t as important as the trade show. I also was able to discover that television advertising was something they hoped to be doing next year.

A little knowledge in the beginning of a project can really help the creative direction of things, as well as save thousands of dollars for a client, and in this case, I suggested that this video could be repurposed very easily for any or all of those other video needs, if we planned it smart.

The rest of this post could get really technical really fast, but in a nutshell, I was able to develop a visual concept that would work in all of the scenarios this client was likely to come across where video would make sense, and by planning smart from the beginning and asking some questions the client had not considered, I’m quite confident I saved them a good deal of money as well. I’m proud of this one. It represents the technical skill and the value I strive to provide to everyone I work with.

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