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New Windscreen Makes the Cut

We just started using a Canon XH-A1 Hi-Def camera for run-n-gun shoots, and, as usual, the on board mic is pretty susceptible to wind noise. There are lots of windscreens on the market, and many of the foam ones double as excellent clown’s noses at children’s’ birthday parties.

But this time around, I wanted to try out one of the cute little furry, fuzzy variety of windscreens, because I have heard that they are equally effective at reducing noise, but are more durable and, most importantly, cause less HF cut.

We purchased one called The Wind Cutter and, looks aside (like a small black guinea pig was impaled above the lens of the camera) it functions incredibly well. On a particularly gusty spring day in Nashville, I took the camera out and did some test recordings. The results were exactly what I have expected in windscreens costing three times as much.

The fabric weave is really quite open, which concerned me at first, but the length and density of the “fur” is perfect for effectively stopping brief 15+ mile-an-hour gusts without so much as a rumble reaching the mic. At first, while watching the meters, I could see levels rising when the wind blew. I was prepared to be disappointed. But when I listened back to the tape in the studio under optimal conditions, I realized that the rise in levels was actually due to the microphone picking up the sound of the wind in the trees across the street!

In short, I am pleased. A simple, well made product at a reasonable price is something of a holy grail in video production work.


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