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Productivity Tip #107: Don’t Move Very Often.

The new office entrance

It’s no secret that moving an office or business is a real drain on productivity. Try doing it twice in six months! Thankfully, our spirits have remained high, and we are finally settling into our new location in East Nashville. Let the productivity resume in earnest!

On a personal note, I am convinced that we have the best clients of any digital marketing agency in Nashville. Let me just take a moment to thank each one of you for your patience during a few crucial days when we were strung out between two spaces, and our internet connection was failing us in unforseen and inexplicable ways (Personally, I think it’s amazing that the internet works at all, when you start thinking about the millions of miles of coaxial cable strewn about the globe…). But thank you for giving us time to organize and make our move. We cannot wait to serve you from our new home! Stop by and see us at 201 Point East Dr., Nashville, TN 37216.

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  1. Nice digs! Congratulations on the new creative working space!

    Comment by Kelly Harkins on September 1, 2010 at 7:32 am

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