smoke4.jpgWe believe that blogs should not be expensive, but they had better be effective. And they are, if used correctly. Nothing connects your clients to the voice of your company like a web log.

Blogging is an exciting opportunity for telling your customers the compelling story of your brand. It is a search optimization strategy. It is a human touch. It is no longer just an afterthought, it is essential.

Harkins Creative blog design services include

  • setup at your own domain name or subdomain (ex:
  • A few basic static pages
  • a comprehensive blogging system with the ability to post articles on a schedule, and moderate visitor comments.
  • A Dynamic RSS feed for posts and comments
  • links and ties directly into your existing web site or new site design
  • easily made podcast-ready or vidcast-ready!
  • Comprehensive training for using your blog effectively
  • blog writing services

In addition to blog design, we also have complimentary services to offer. And be sure to explore our home page for interesting blog articles.