Email Marketing: Still the Silver Bullet

Before you click that Send button, let's see if you are getting maximum results from your email marketing efforts.Pound for pound, nothing comes close to the results of an effective email marketing campaign. That’s saying a lot, given the seemingly ubiquitous complaints of spam and the increasingly difficult obstacles to successful inbox delivery. Add to that the mysterious metrics of open rates, click-throughs, and, of course, opt-in and opt-out rates… oh! and the software and delivery platform choices!  Let’s face it: email marketing ain’t easy, and it takes up a LOT of valuable time.

Perhaps that’s why so many companies still don’t make use of the medium to reach their best customers and increase repeat business as much as 70%. Not to mention referrals and new business.

And of those companies trying to use email, few are actually doing so as successfully as they could.

Email Campaign Management

We take a lot of pleasure in helping companies leverage email technologies more efficiently, more effectively, and with better results than going it alone. We serve clients with the following email marketing campaign and campaign management tools:

  • List management
  • 100% opt-in with high delivery and open rates.
  • Industry-leading metrics to help you understand the valuable segments of any list or mailing.
  • Content creation and writing
  • Reusable custom email HTML template designs
  • email Newsletters and newsletter design
  • create multiple lists, multiple signup forms, and track everything via our online dashboard

Email marketing is not rocket science, but you could benefit from talking to experienced providers.

It’s about mindshare.

Winning a new customer is three times more expensive than keeping an existing one. But how do you achieve high customer retention rates? By staying top-of-mind through regular, desirable communications. Sending out periodic alerts, newsletters with valuable coupons, tip sheets, product announcements, and just about anything else your customers will find interesting or engaging will help to keep your message fresh, and in front of eyeballs frequently.

It takes real commitment.

It’s not rocket science, but you can’t tinker with it and expect stellar results. You have to be intentional about managing every aspect of a successful email campaign, from the signup to the click-through… everything matters in email.  Are you leaving money on the table?  Are you maximizing your email campaign efforts? Are you seeing the results you had hoped for? Let’s chat, and maybe we can help you tweak it for better performance. Or just let us take it from here, and we’ll deliver on your behalf.

Practicing what we preach… of course.

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