Content is still King.

This page could start off saying much the same thing in three different ways:

  1. Getting visitors to your web site is one thing. Getting them to stay is quite another. Good, relevant content is the difference.
  2. Getting your marketing materials into the hands of a prospect is one thing. Getting them engaged with it enough to take the next step doesn’t happen by accident. You have to be intentional about it.
  3. Getting Google to index your site is one thing, but getting Google to truly understand exactly what you want people to know about your business is the Holy Grail of web strategy.

Regardless of how you say it, the meaning is the same; unless your content hits your intended audience smack between the eyes and causes them to act on the next step, it doesn’t really matter what you say, because it will not be effective. Content is King, but relevance is the Kingdom.

Creating stand-out, relevant content that positively impacts the bottom line

We can help. We’ve been in the content business for over 20 years, honing our storytelling craft, and engaging businesses and consumers. Our storyteller’s toolkit has grown pretty diverse, too:

Engage your target audience with relevant content: multimedia campaigns and content strategies

  • Writing
  • Scripting
  • Visual storytelling
  • Video
  • Print
  • Email
  • web content
  • mobile content
  • Social content
  • SEO content

Regardless of the target audience (your customers, your competition’s customers, your prospects, Google…), you need a strategy and a story line that sells and connects repeatedly. We craft winning, selling stories, and build multimedia campaigns and content strategies around them for maximum exposure (the good kind) and results (the upward kind).

It’s content, baby. Tell the King we said hi.

In order for people to see this shiny new content, you’ll need our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.