Social Schmocial. Do we really need to be on Twitter and Facebook?

Depends. Do you know what your goals in the social space are? If those haven’t been clearly defined yet, then stay in the shallow end. It’s like playing with dynamite… if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re gonna lose something precious.

Engage your audience using a solid social media strategy.

Engagement matters.

If your market is on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you should be too. It’s a wonderful place to engage and stay involved in the larger marketplace. It’s not nearly as scary as you think it is (despite the explosives analogy above) and the rewards could be sweet. A little planning and understanding will give you the competence you need to wade in deeper, and we can provide some feedback and strategy to help you get started, or sharpen and refine your earlier misapplied enthusiasm. The social web can be a lot of things, but it’s not suited for everything.

A few things you should know…

  • Social takes time. You have to be committed and focused, or you’ll waste valuable time and get no return.
  • You have to know what’s possible, and what’s not. (Hint: Social Web Strategies do not replace all other marketing strategies. The goal is to compliment and incorporate, not replace and substitute.)
  • You need clearly defined goals and reasons for being social. Remember… dynamite.
  • Social is messy. Getting social means inviting total strangers to have conversations about your brand- in public.
  • You won’t control the interactions. So don’t even try. It’s a surefire way to initiate a self-destruction sequence.
  • It’s about connections. At least certain social sites are. And you’d better know which.
  • It’s about content. Without valuable engagement objects, there’s really no point to this strategy.

Social Sharing is not an experiment. Learn to use it for your business.

Still thinking social? GOOD!

We can help. We’ll challenge your reasons, sure. But if you can hang, you’re going to have a tight focus, and a set of attainable goals serving as your new social web strategy, and you’ll be well on your way to Socialville.

Remember, a great addition to your social media exposure is to add video production.