We are a visual society. Hardwired in our social and biological DNA is the need to see, to experience. We retain 10 percent of what we read, but we keep 50 percent of what we see and hear. If ever there was a solid argument for video marketing, this is it. Video production connects with viewers, and delivers a more memorable impression than text alone.

You Tube has changed everything.

Visitors to your web site have bigger expectations about what they’ll find there. The web is a multimedia playground, and businesses that engage viewers with video on the home page are seeing a bounce rate reduction of over 50% on average, and click-through rates can climb as high as 80%. Video works. Hard.

Everyone understands what the play button does.

For a visually hooked society, the play button is like heroin. We press play, chill out for two minutes and consume a tasty bit of informative eye candy. We find we want more, so we click another. Then we click again. And again. With every click, we enter deeper into the culture of a brand. We find ourselves regurgitating what we saw for days afterward. We link to it. We send it to friends. We remember. We are somehow changed.

Video has now become so ubiquitous, that encountering a foot-and-a-half of text on a web page can quickly send visitors scampering into the shadows like so many addicts who accidentally wandered into a 12-step meeting.

video production service helps to tell your story more effectively, in more places, with better results.

Right-sized Video Production Service designed to grow your business.

Video production service doesn’t have to be on the scale of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings (can you tell we are total geeks here?). Solid video strategies can consist of as little as a “talking head” piece that introduces you- telling your authentic and unique story- to your audience. Short clips of a product, or an explanation of a valuable service…these are the things that communicate your story to your market, and translate into action.

You’re now going to need a central hub for the services we have provided. Have us build a top notch website to showcase your brand.