You may already have a web site. But what’s your Web Strategy?

If you aren’t sure, it’s time to take a hard look at what kind of business you are missing out on. We design web sites, sure, but more importantly, we fashion these sites on a solid strategic marketing plan that means your web site will be working on your behalf, 24/7/365. We bet you can’t find a salesperson who’ll give you that kind of performance…

Web Site Design needs to deliver engagement

Meet the new web visitor.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter… these sites have changed everything. Visitors to your web site have seen some pretty impressive stuff, and they expect a lot more from your site than they used to. Are you engaging them? How? Depending on your market, it may be enough to have a play button that leads to entertaining video somewhere on your home page. For other markets, you’d better have a way to socially connect, to listen to your market as they share valuable information with you about your products and services.

New technologies mean better customer engagement, and better returns.

If you haven’t thought about your site in a few years, you need to know; it’s a different world online than it was back when Flash ruled and you could impress most people by virtue of the fact that you had a web site at all…

Today’s technologies can help you reach and capture new customers much better than before. Web video, interactive applications, and social engagement level objects (don’t worry, we’ll unpack that last one for you, if you’re starting to gloss over) can get you in front of more qualified eyeballs, and achieve the kind of results that you’ve always thought you should be getting from your web site.

But it’s not just about the technologies and compliance with changes to web standards.

Technology for technology’s sake is nothing but wasted money. If the latest bells and whistles are what you come to us with, we are going to work hard to make sure you have a clear strategy for how those things will accomplish the bottom-line objectives of your business. If they can’t earn their keep, then neither can we.

Harkins Creative takes great pride in the services we provide. Be sure to check out our portfolio to see if we can help you.