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So What’s a Blog?

Good Question. A Web Log (or Blog for short) can be many things, from an online personal diary to a mega-brand builder.

  • It’s a conversation starter.
  • It’s a destination.
  • It’s news,
  • It’s facts,
  • It’s dialog.
  • But above all, a blog gets people involved.

And that means more loyalty from customers, more exposure to new audiences, and the ability to get your message out to the people who are most likely to spread it for you. You’ve no doubt heard of viral marketing (the idea that certain people are “sneezers” who spread the “ideavirus” far and wide when they really like something)…well a Web Log is the vector, the point where sneezers can first be exposed to the message you want them to spread.

Think of it! Hundreds or thousands of visitors to your company’s blog hear and read the information you want them to spread, and then they go out and spread it to the world! That’s power! That’s a huge return on a minimal investment. That’s a Web Log!

(Want an example? This is a blog, and you can sign up to find out about new items when we add them by subscribing to our email alert list in the column on the right, or by using RSS, which is explained here.)

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