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Social Media Scams, When Will it End?!

There’s the “Who has deleted ya,” scam or the, “Did you see what this girl’s dad did,” scam, and even the, “OMG this video made me totally LOL,” scam. Social media addicts beware – there’s a scam for every day of the week, and there’s no sheriff in town.

Facebook does a fair job of reporting abuse that can harm user profiles. However, it is often too late. Common Facebook users (moderately tech-savvy 40-somethings) are click happy, and this often results in Facebook scams sweeping profiles before anyone realizes what has happened.

There is rarely any harm to these Facebook scams, as of late. Usually, people click on a link, it sends a link to all their friends’ profiles, and so on. However, scams are getting more intuitive and you never know when something is truly going to do damage to your hard drive. Word to the wise: if you’re not sure, don’t click it! 90% of Facebook scam “epidemics,” can be avoided if people use their street smarts. If it looks suspicious, or if you question it at all, do. not. click.

Do Facebook scams harm the social media experience? Do they make us less inclined to share with friends, family members, and acquaintances? Are we going to become so hardened by fear that Facebook and other social mediums will become as cold subway station glances? Let’s hope social media scams do not deter our innate desire to share with those we know.

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