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Video Does Make A Difference

Broadband has given businesses new ways to get their brand message out into the world. From personal video to streaming live broadcasts of large scale events, the internet has made it necessary for companies to rethink how they reach consumers. The most effective marketing campaigns are the ones that incorporate Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so on.

Old Spice is a good example of this principle. Their “Old Spice Man” campaign has been a huge hit. After the initial commercial became a viral hit, they engaged consumers further by recording and posting video responses to those who commented about the commercial in various social forums. You don’t necessarily need to go as far as Old Spice did, but it is a good example of what video can do for your brand. It has a much greater impact than just text on a page.

When working on a marketing campaign, consider adding video. It will add identity to your brand, and help consumers better connect with your company.