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If You Don’t Social By Now, Will You Ever Social?

As marketers and new media lovers, we spend an abundance of time trying to sell our clients on the idea social media, why they need it, and the best ways to implement it. Because of this, and also due to recent trends and boosts in how we use social media, countless businesses are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other networks tools to get their message(s) out there.

Some businesses do it well. Some businesses do it poorly. Some businesses don’t do it all.

This begs the question: Do all businesses NEED social media? And in today’s rapidly moving marketing environment, if you aren’t taking advantage of social media, is there a cut off point? At what point does it become too late to invest in a newborn social media strategy?

There isn’t a clear answer to this. The truth is that some businesses don’t need social media; businesses that won’t use social media correctly especially shouldn’t use social media. If you’re not producing your own content, and don’t intend on producing your own content then social media will be nothing more than an exercise in regurgitation for your company. While I don’t believe there is a cut-off point making it, “too late,” to utilize new forms of media, I do believe businesses run the risk of being left in the dust.

If a company has never used social media in their business plan, and is committed to creating (with guidance) original, interesting and significant content then they are the perfect candidates for new and social media. And I would like to meet them.

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Have You Accomplished Your 2010 Marketing Goals Yet?

I bring your goals for 2010 up for one reason only; if you haven’t reached them yet you most likely won’t between now and the end of the year. While you may be kicking yourself, don’t. The fact is there are a small percentage of small companies that actually reach all their goals in any given year and that’s not all bad as long as the ones you did reach propelled you forward in some form or fashion.

It’s also true that small business suffer from working “in” their business far more than working “on” their business and it becomes more apparent as they get close to the end of the year. They realize their marketing plan, accounting system, employee retention and a thousand other things have either suffered or not been touched at all or in a long time. I can’t help you with everything but I can help you with not only evaluating your marketing plan for the upcoming year but implementation of the plan. Knowing what to do is just the starting point. Putting everything into action in the right order with the right team is where the results lie. It is only through those results that you get a true measure of return on investment for the overall marketing plan.

Many people who deal with online marketing measure with traffic or clicks. It may make you feel great to get all that traffic but if that traffic or click through is not buying what you have or want the service you provide then it’s not worthy traffic. This is why having a plan of action that points everything you do in the correct direction is extremely important when marketing to any demographic these days whether online or off. To not work “on” the marketing of your business is the first step to disaster for a small business in today’s climate.

Give your business a Christmas present this year and stop to really evaluate your business and online/offline marketing going into 2011. Give yourself a chance to take your business to the next level; you will be glad you did.

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Do You Have Too Many Cooks In Your Website’s Kitchen?

There is an old saying, “To many cooks in the kitchen spoil the pot” and we see the same thing from time to time when it comes to websites and marketing of that website. This is especially true for smaller companies that are trying to manage everything themselves because there is just so much stuff out here to learn you have to have some help.

You end up with one guy or gal that is your webmaster and takes care of the technical aspects of your site, you have someone else who does content and writes for your site and hopefully posts and does articles for you and you may have another who is administering your Adwords campaigns while someone else does link building and more advanced SEO techniques. All this is going on and you or possibly one of the above is managing all this to make sure it’s all being done correctly; or you hope it is…

Add to that the process of getting your social sites set up right and reviews done and monitored in a way to drive business to your business and the local maps set up for Google and Bing. After a while it is easy to see how you can have so many people working in and around your website that the lines start to blur and no one knows what the other guys is doing. You now have too many cooks in your website marketing kitchen! At this point you better know enough about the process to know who to eliminate. If you don’t, the pot will be spoiled for a long time.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Freelancers in a Down Economy

The collective tightening of the belt can be felt in every sector of our economy. All across the world, we are battening down the hatches and preparing to ride out the storm. But we still have to do business in order to stay afloat. We just need to do it smarter. Read on for three reasons I think Freelancers represent the smartest choice for getting important work done for your company.

  1. Flexibility and Agility – It’s no secret that the larger an organization, the slower it responds to immediate change. Many creative services companies are experiencing financial pinches due to large overhead, payroll expenses, and marketing costs. Some are in the process of letting their best designers and developers go, which means more work for the remaining designers to accomplish in the same amount of time. This does not bode well for a successful client relationship. Freelancers don’t have the same overhead and marketing costs. Most of our business comes from referrals or web traffic, and so we can be incredibly responsive to our client base. We only focus on one thing: productivity and serving our clients. My new clients – especially those just coming from a larger creative services company –  are always surprised at how quickly I return phone calls and turn requested work around.
  2. Stability and Longevity – It’s a common misconception that Freelancers become freelancers when they cannot find any other form of gainful employment. While it’s true that many of us got into freelancing on the side, or as a result of losing a job, most of us love what we do, and strive to do it better every day. Choosing a freelancer over a larger company as a business partner is no less of a secure choice. Don’t believe me? Consider that your freelancer might well have once worked for a company that no longer exists. It is not in the interest of anyone to enter lightly into a long-term relationship. Most self-employed creatives are more worried about the longevity of YOUR company than their own stability.
  3. Creativity and Productivity – We don’t spend hours in internal corporate meetings or sending out memos to employees (unless you count time spent building our followings on Twitter!). We only get paid when we turn in exceptional, creative work that hits the specified target. We are easier to work with, more creative (or more willing to try creative new approaches to very familiar challenges) and, if given the chance to prove ourselves, will be a valuable member of your business team, providing more than just products and designs and copy and lines of code; ultimately, a Freelancer provides insight, perspective and experience rarely found inside corporate walls.
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