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How Twitter Makes Me a Better Writer

Words. I love them. Sometimes too much. I have been known to string together sentences with upwards of 60 words. I habitually gravitate to 4- and 5-syllable words. This is for my own enjoyment, not yours. I just love words. I think I love them because I love ideas. And words are nothing if not elegant conveyors of ideas.

But then I started Twittering. And the imposition of 140 characters was a real tough one to embrace. My earliest tweets lamented this fact frequently.

Then something happened. The limitation made me wrestle with words in a new way. I started looking for conciseness. I had to have faster, clearer, better ways of expressing myself. In the process I discovered that flowery prose is not always the best way to communicate, after all. In fact, the 140 character discipline has made me a better writer, by reigning in those tendencies, and reminding me that comprehension is more important in the message than getting to use that shiny new abstract metaphor.

I still love them, though. Twitter hasn’t changed that. And I’ll be damned if I’ll let it.