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What’s the Value of a Facebook Fan?

If you were to ask that question to most business owners they would look at you like a “deer in the headlights” because they don’t have the answer. The truth is; no one actually has the answer to that question because it’s a bit arbitrary as articulated in this post from a panel at the latest South by Southwest Interactive Festival in regard to 4 questions brands need to ask about the value of Facebook fans.

There are far too many variables to consider to be able to put a number on the value for each and every business; even the different models. I see a lot of companies in the local market that are pushing Facebook and Twitter as a “must have” for their businesses. I believe local is the last frontier in marketing online and everyone is entering into the local market and trying to gain their piece of the pie and that can lead to confusion; especially when business owners are busy running their businesses and are not familiar with what is happening online.

To tell you the truth, I’m online and reading the latest and greatest everyday and it can be confusing to me as well. This article helps identify why. I’ve seen valuations for Facebook Fans as high as $168.00 to worthless. If a fan is indeed worth $168.00, then getting as many fans as possible makes a lot of sense for your business. If it’s worthless (and they will all be worthless for companies that are not willing to engage), then your money is better spent somewhere else.

The main things to consider are the profit, influence potential, acquisition costs and brand affinity. Each of these will play a role in calculating the value of a fan on Facebook. Just remember as you navigate these waters that it doesn’t take much to alienate your fan base so be careful to only put out positive and enlightening information and never bash your competitors.

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