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How Do You Socially Network?

There are copious amounts of social networks in existence. We all know the big two: Twitter and Facebook. There are also several popular niche networks like and LinkedIn. Millions of people worldwide are using these services to connect with new people, and reconnect with people they’ve lost touch with.

As these ways of interacting with one another started to take off, some people had a “sky is falling” reaction. “It’s the end of human interaction! People will never leave their computers,” they said. Of course this hasn’t actually happened. On the contrary, we are interacting with each other even more. These social networks help us stay connected when it would be difficult any other way.

My Twitter feed has become an endless supply of news and information that I wouldn’t know about otherwise. My dad has used Facebook to keep in touch with old friends from high school. Even my wife, who tends to be disinterested in technology, has become a social networking fan. How do you socially network? Has it improved your connections with people? I would guess that it has, and will continue to do so as these networks further embed themselves into our lives…and that’s not a bad thing.