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iPhone Tracks User Locations. So What?

Last week it was revealed that iPhone users might have had their locations tracked by Apple. People are up in arms over what is obviously a major violation in privacy.

Wake up, people. Google reads your mail. Apple tracks your locations. Facebook tracks your user habits. It’s all to sell you stuff.

While I agree it’s a bit unnerving to have a major corporation documenting your every move, let’s get realistic. Apple, Google, and Facebook are relatively uninterested in what you are ACTUALLY doing. In fact, most user information is tracked for the sole purpose of selling you products you will likely be interested in. Emailing about Spiderman posters? Google will target advertisements selling you superhero paraphernalia. Suddenly “liking” parenting websites on Facebook? You may notice Facebook ads for diapers and other baby gear.

Yes, it’s creepy and it borders on unethical. But can you blame them? It’s becoming easier and easier to ignore advertisements on television, radio, and other mainstream forms of media where we were once bombarded with products and services. I’m not condoning Apple’s transparency failure in tracking user’s locations, but I’m not surprised and you shouldn’t be either.

Creating Video Is Just Too Easy!

It wasn’t that long ago that you had to carry around a video camera if you wanted to shoot video. Even after the Flip video camera hit the market, it still meant carrying an extra device. Cell phone video has only recently made it to the point where it could realistically replace a video camera for normal, everyday shooting.

My cell phone, the iPhone 4, shoots excellent 720p HD video. The clip below contains video I shot and edited with my iPhone. The subject is my rascally terrier, Murphy. I edited the video on the phone with iMovie for iPhone. It was simple to edit the various clips I shot of Murphy into one four minute video.

Video camera functions on cell phones give you a way to capture various parts of your business on video. From customer testimonials to how-to videos, you can connect with your customers in exciting new ways. As YouTube has proven, you don’t need to be an Oscar®-winning cinematographer to shoot video. Just shoot it, upload it and share it with the world.