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Motion Graphics Help With Branding

Turn on the tv, and you will see no end of fancy spinning logos, scene transitions and lower thirds titles. You probably don’t notice them much they’re so common, but imagine a newscast without them, or an infomercial with nothing but a stationary camera, and you’ll soon see that modern visual production can’ t happen without motion graphics, and a lot of them.

When the job of video is to create effective branding, motion graphics use comes fully into its own. Tying together the corporate message and the brand conceptuals in a coherent and meaningful way is what motion graphics artists thrive on.

The advances in the software tools used to produce animated artwork and imagery has brought the cost of motion graphics work down to the point of being affordable for even the smallest businesses.

If you are considering using video as part of your brand messaging, whether online or in broadcast or DVD, plan on motion graphics design to factor heavily in the final professional product.