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Video Comments on Blogs

I have to say that I have been for the idea of audio and video comments on blogs and social network sites since I first imagined them (and yes, it was long before Michael Arrington said he wanted them, and introduced them on his site. I’m not saying I was the first to think of them, though.). It was only a matter of time, and if my other development company hadn’t been so busy building even cooler audio and video social technologies, I might have gotten around to building it myself.

Many opinions, both FOR and AGAINST video comments, have run amok over the past few weeks. I have already said I like the idea, and despite what the SEO pundits say, I think they CAN be a good strategy for getting your site noticed.

But what interests me even more is the clear divide emerging between those that feel that the web is destined to be a multimedia playground, and those that would rather keep it text-based, at least when it comes to the “tried and true” activities of blogging, forums and wikis (as if they’ve been around long enough to be called ingrained!).

The web is supposed to do things. Commenting, by its interactive nature, fulfills the promise of new media, but to say that video commenting misses the boat is a little disingenuous, if you ask me.