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Is Your Content Telling YOUR story? (Part 1)

The Plight of the Joker

I say it all the time – I can create a variety of tones and writing styles for every client. The reason this is necessary is because no two businesses are alike. Some businesses may have similarities and commonalities, but the true core of what makes each business is intrinsically unique (and one of the reasons I LOVE writing web content!)

It’s important to realize your uniqueness as a business, and how you wish to exhibit that in all of the content you create. From emails to web content, brochures and podcasts, you must always be true to your business and your story. By this, I mean, analyze what customers and clients like about you, and what keeps them returning to you. However, you must also realize that finding a balance between professionalism and personalization is the key to standing out, while becoming a trusted voice in your field.

Do clients compliment you on your upbeat sense of humor? Then talk with your content developer about appropriate ways to bring that out in your email blasts and other distributed content. Humor is a great way to put clients at ease, and make you relatable. However, there is a fine line between an email blast peppered with corny jokes, and an all out roast of your receptionist on her biography web. If you’re using your sense of humor, don’t get personal, and keep it G-rated. Your content developer should be able to tailor a content strategy that is honest and funny, while engaging and professional.

Find a balance, and reap the rewards.