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How Twitter Makes Me a Better Writer

Words. I love them. Sometimes too much. I have been known to string together sentences with upwards of 60 words. I habitually gravitate to 4- and 5-syllable words. This is for my own enjoyment, not yours. I just love words. I think I love them because I love ideas. And words are nothing if not elegant conveyors of ideas.

But then I started Twittering. And the imposition of 140 characters was a real tough one to embrace. My earliest tweets lamented this fact frequently.

Then something happened. The limitation made me wrestle with words in a new way. I started looking for conciseness. I had to have faster, clearer, better ways of expressing myself. In the process I discovered that flowery prose is not always the best way to communicate, after all. In fact, the 140 character discipline has made me a better writer, by reigning in those tendencies, and reminding me that comprehension is more important in the message than getting to use that shiny new abstract metaphor.

I still love them, though. Twitter hasn’t changed that. And I’ll be damned if I’ll let it.

Is Your Content Telling YOUR Story Part II

The state of the statistics man (or woman).

You love numbers. Venn diagrams and earnings reports are the stuff your dreams are made of. Clients love your keen eye for detail, and your unwavering commitment for exceeding expectations, and you love that at the end of the day you get to crunch numbers and calculate profits. The question is, how does this translate to what you put on the web?

You should always be telling YOUR story. If numbers and details are your thing, by all means showcase that on your webpages, blog and email marketing. However, it’s important that you aren’t overly statistical in all your content, because you may alienate your audience (content strategists love to talk about alienation). Instead, find a way to display your natural ability for the fine tuned without letting your audience believe you lock yourself in a room during lunch to configure algorithms (you don’t do that, right?)

Being a statistical person makes you an asset to the business world, so become creative in ways you show this to your clients and potentials. Infographics are perfect for displaying a vast amount of information in an eye-catching way that attracts a variety of viewers. Videographers can capture interesting factoids pertaining to your industry and combine them with excerpts of your office, or with carefully designed graphics that really pop. Think outside the cubicle and create something that interests your audience, while remaining true to your personality.

If your business is numbers, get creative with your business.