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The Importance of Good Content and On Page SEO

Every once in a while an analogy comes along that explains why you should or should not do something that is better than a picture (Yes! Better than a picture!). With this in mind I would like to demonstrate to you the difference of having a great looking website without giving the proper attention to the content on the page or the on page SEO factors and a mediocre looking website that has paid attention to the content on the page and the SEO on page factors.

It’s much like shopping for a car. You see a brand new shiny corvette sitting in the corner with a great price tag. In fact, the price of this car is so low compared to everything else in the showroom that there is no question what car you will buy today and you find yourself driving off the lot in a great looking car.

You ride around town in the neighborhood and everyone who sees you waves and comments on what a nice looking car you have. You get ready to open it up on the highway and put the petal to the metal only to find out that you are being passed by F150 pickup trucks, Honda Accords and almost everything else on the road! You pull over and pop the hood and though the engine looks big, underneath you are being powered by a 4 cylinder motor that won’t take you anywhere.

Just like cars, the slick look and promises to turn heads can lead you to purchase something that’s not exactly what you need. It’s very important to buy a workhorse of a website and that’s finding out how it will perform; not just how it will look. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a good looking website, it just means the look should be secondary to performance.

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