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The Moving Target Called Google

No one really knows what Google is going to do.
The one thing everyone can agree on when it comes to Google is that it is always in flux. It is this constant motion that both confounds some and challenges others. You might fool yourself into thinking you have tamed the monster for a little while but in time it will roar back in full form. This makes dealing with Google a very difficult thing especially when you have a million other things on your plate to get done in your business.

It’s no different here at Harkins Creative except for the fact that we HAVE to stay on top of the changes in Google for our clients as well as ourselves. It is a part of our business and we spend time and resources making sure we find out as much as possible about what Google is doing. The reason we pay so much attention to Google is simple; they control more search traffic than the other search engines combined! When someone else comes along and knocks Google off that mark, and that could theoretically happen one day, then we will start watching the new king of search. Until then we will all have to learn how to “dance” with Google and try to follow its lead; like it or not.

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