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Using Web Video to Add Value

It’s rare to find a brand willing to give away good information, especially when that information might even cut into sales. But that’s just what our client has done, and we think it’s brilliant!

There is an eCommerce client of ours that sells Greenhouses, Sheds, Garden Decor and more. It’s a new site, and it is already picking up a fair amount of traffic and high search engine rankings on big, competitive keywords.

Recently we discussed using viral video to attract people to the site, with good, solid, FREE information that its customers would find useful. Much thought was put into what these videos should contain, and it was soon decided that the first video would be a step-by-step how-to video for building a composter out of an old trash can.

Here’s the catch. The site also sells composters of various sizes and shapes. So the question was, would the video, intended to show an alternative way of getting into composting, siphon off sales of composters on the site?

The answer is a resounding “NO”. Studies have shown that those looking for DIY projects aren’t typically interested in buying off-the-shelf solutions, and vice-versa. But as a way to introduce people to a site full of other related products, the strategy presents some real opportunities.

Web videos are one of the top linked-to items on the web. Beyond providing good information to customers, the page on which the videos reside has become a strongly linked page, which boosts overall site strength.

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