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Video as a Search Engine Ranking Tool

We have been following these kinds of stories closely. To most who are familiar with how search works, with content relevance being determined almost exclusively from textual cues, the idea that video could help a web site rank higher in search engines is a bit incredulous. But nonetheless, Google continues to favor web sites that employ video on pages, and articles abound as to the reasons why. And while surrounding video with textual cues and keyword proximity is the best way to tell Google and your visitor what a video is about, every effort should be made to make the video content as relevant and as targeted as possible.

It has been our observation that a video production does an amazing job of converting visitors, and getting them to sit still on a site, engaged in a brand message for much longer than they normally would be inclined (as much as 70% click rate!). But the fact that search engines seem to actually be looking for pages with video makes this content strategy all the more appealing.

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