Introducing Affordable, Professional Video Production Service for Your Web Site. Oh Yeah.

Isn’t video production like this expensive?

It can be, yes! But we’ve been doing it inexpensively for our clients by eliminating the expensive parts, and keeping the quality high.

The most expensive parts of video production are:

  • On location setup/takedown
  • On location multi-person crew
  • Equipment

Video Days: How we keep it inexpensive and professional at the same time

  • We set up for a full day of hi-definition video shooting on a professional set location.
  • We block out 30 minute sessions all day long.
  • We invite you to reserve a session, and be professionally interviewed on-camera. It’s a real ego-rush!
  • We then get additional photos and logos from you to incorporate into the finished production (optional).
  • We edit it all together for a very authentic, personal, 2-3 minute video result.
  • Lastly, we add it to a player, and upload and install it on your web site. We’ll even add it to YouTube for additional free exposure!

So how much for this kind of video production?

  • $495 flat fee for a 30 minute session. (Normally, on-location video production will run upwards of $2,000)
  • includes consulting session beforehand (usually done by phone or email)
  • up to 5 images to be included in the finished video (optional)
  • professional video crew and interviewer
  • professional nose powderer
  • a crack team of video editors and web gurus to get the video edited and up on your site.

Wow. But why should I do this?

Every web strategist, SEO expert and savvy business person knows; web video has become essential to any healthy web strategy.  YouTube changed everything. People expect to be engaged when they come to a web site. Video is the fastest way to get a visitor’s attention and tell them something they need to know about you. Sure they could read about you on a web page, but video forms an immediate connection. It keeps people on your site, engaged and wanting to learn more.

Any business that is built on relationships and personal connection needs to consider the benefits of deploying video on a home page.

Especially if you are:

  • a Realtor or agent
  • a mortgage broker
  • an insurance agent
  • a Doctor
  • a public speaker
  • a service-related small business owner
  • a Solopreneur

The Benefits:

  • Keeps people on your site longer
  • Gets more people to engage with your message
  • Gets past the barriers that keep prospects from becoming customers by creating a killer first impression.

A personal video can immediately answer the common questions like:

  • “Would I like this professional as a person?”
  • “What is their personality like?”
  • “Would they be easy to work with?”
  • “Is this the right person to give my business to?”

Okay, I’m in. So what should I expect during my video day session?

  • You’ll arrive 15-20 minutes before your session is scheduled, so that we can apply a little powder to your nose, if necessary, and place a small lapel microphone on you.
  • You’ll then be brought into the recording room, and have a chance to sit down, chat with the interviewer, get comfortable with the setup, and then we’ll begin.
  • The interviewer will ask some specific questions that have been designed and reviewed with you beforehand, as well as some off-the-cuff questions, in order to really tell the whole story.
  • It’s actually a really fun, very professional experience, and most people that have done it comment on how pleasant it was, even if they were a little unsure to start.

Am I reading a prepared script?

No, no, no. We don’t have anything against those late-night local business TV commercials (you know the ones). But we aren’t producing a commercial. We are capturing the truthful essence of you the business owner or professional. We are trying to get across those intangible qualities that most people intuitively pick up on the first time they meet someone. So no scripts allowed. We like to ask questions, get to know you, and see what makes you tick. As people will watch this video, they will get the distinct impression that they are listening in on an informative conversation between two people, and they will have the chance to see you as you would be if they were having that conversation with you in person. That’s pretty cool, right?

Am I limited to only myself during my 30 minute session?

Absolutely not. If you have a better person in mind to share your story, by all means, bring them along, and let’s get them talking, too! We love to get happy customers and patients in front of the camera, because oftentimes they are capable of delivering the real home runs during the session.

Why a short video if you are getting 30 minutes of footage?

Good question! Two reasons for that:

  1. Most tests show that people drop off significantly after about 90 seconds. They’ve gotten what they need from the experience, and are ready to act on the qualified decision they’ve just made.
  2. In the course of 30 minutes together, your interviewer will be looking to get specific information from you that would be useful in promoting you and your cause. Once the editors back in the dungeon get hold of the footage, they expertly locate the choicest bits, and put them together in a way that accurately tells the right story for your audience. The final production might clock in at 2-3 minutes, because we get only the good stuff in there. Yeah, we’re that good.

So how do I get my spot reserved?

Easy. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch in short order. Spots are limited (only about 8 per day) and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s a good idea to act early to get your reservation. We take all major credit cards, or you can pay by check.

Just think. You are just a few clicks away from getting a powerful, personal, engaging video on your home page! Go!

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