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What Makes WordPress So Great?

I’ve run into a few graphic and web designers who don’t use WordPress, and don’t know why they should. Here are 4 good reasons that WordPress should be your web design environment of choice.

  1. It’s a great CMS (Content Management System) – While WP was originally created as a blogging environment, it has grown into a full bodied CMS. You can easily manage blog posts, pages and all of the media on your site. This setup makes it easier to edit a site from any computer, thus giving you the ability to make changes much more quickly. WP also gives you the ability to give access to multiple content contributors. This is particularly useful when people in different locations are working on a site.
  2. Vibrant developer community – Since WP is open source, anyone can develop themes and plugins that add style and functionality to a site. For instance, one of my favorite plugins is PageMash. It gives me the ability to arrange the order of my pages without having to number each page. Plugins add functionality to WP, and you’re bound to find one that fits your needs. Themes are the skin that covers the site. Even if you’re not a developer, there are literally hundreds of themes that a layman can install to style their site. Of course, a professional can create a fully custom theme that captures the essence of your business.
  3. Optimized right out of the box – When marketing your business, the whole idea is for people to be aware of your business. Similarly with your website, people need to be able to find your website. WP is designed to be easily trackable by search engine bots.
  4. It’s free! – While you may pay to have someone create the look of your site, you’ll never pay for the basic code. The underlying guts of WP are free, and give you great freedom in how you implement your website.

I very rarely work on a site that isn’t designed with WordPress anymore. It’s just easier for both the client and myself. If you’re not using WordPress to build websites, I would highly recommend trying it.

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