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What Will You Do To Be # 1?

In our culture we often push the limits to be # 1. However, when it comes to the internet and search; beware of the # 1 pitch. Any company that tells you they can get you to the number 1 position on any search engine, map or place page should be thoroughly investigated before hiring. This is because all most all of the top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies never promise position. What they promise is to get you the very best position based on your budget and time commitment. After all, what you are paying for is their time to implement their SEO expertise within your timeframe and the time it takes to do it.

You aren’t paying for a silver bullet that takes you to the top to only have you disappear over time into oblivion. This is what happens when black or gray hat methods are used to get you to the top of the heap. You may stay there for awhile and even make a little money but eventually you will get found out.  Then you will have to make another decision; give it up or start over. Be #1 in the long run. Remember; do it the right way and stay.

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