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Why Link Building is Still Important

With the advent of Google turning so much attention to local search I see many companies turning from traditional search engine optimization and chasing the local directories, maps, etc. What you need to know is the same principles behind organic listings are behind local listings so it is smart to make sure your website is search engine ready; even when chasing local listings.

Google turned their attention to local when they discovered that over 70% of searches are done with local intention. However, if you’ve noticed, Google actually gives you the results it thinks you are looking for. An example of this would be to type in something like, “dentist Nashville” as opposed to, “dental information”, as opposed to, “dentist”. The first search will give you listings of dentists in Nashville, which is local. The second will give you the best sites for dental information, which is all organic while the third search has a mixture because it doesn’t know exactly what you mean with the broad term “dentist”.

What you don’t see is that the sites that rise to the top in any of these searches have very good back links as well as reviews and citations. This simply means that at this time you should not abandon your linking tactic, even if you are strictly a local business.

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