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Why Video Testimonials Work

One of the challenges of selling a product or service is convincing someone that your company can deliver results, satisfaction, and value. Beyond product specs, cost comparisons, feature lists and benefits bullet points, for many would-be consumers of your products or services, there still remains one crucial question that needs a concrete answer: What do other people think?

Testimonial videos, whether distributed via DVD marketing, online or broadcast TV, present a singularly unique opportunity. It is perhaps the only time in the marketing and sales cycle when you can step back and allow someone else to toot your horn for you.

Often video testimonials will close a deal or make a sale when nothing else seems to be able to move a person or company from being a prospect to a customer. And it makes sense. When evaluating any invitation, we instinctively want to know who else will be at the party, and we use that information to make our decision and even bolster our confidence and assuage any future doubts that we are making the right choice.

Most companies, if they really do provide value, results and satisfaction, will not have any trouble finding a happy customer or two that can articulate why they recommend you to everyone they know. In our experience, customers are flattered when they are asked to sit for a short video testimonial to be used in various marketing materials, and oftentimes it can be a way to soft-market their own company or brand.

The video recommendation can take the form of a short, 30 second bite, or even a longer story, where a customer has a chance to really talk about their needs before you entered their lives, and then explain the many ways you were able to meet those needs and solve their problems, and even exceed their expectations.

So step out of the way and let your happiest clients take a turn at telling the world why your company’s product or service is the best thing that’s ever happened to them!

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