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Why You Need a Storyteller

Web guy. Print guy. Tech guy. These positions, while essential to your business and the productivity of your office, have become borderline buzzwords. If you can’t do it yourself, you need someone to develop your website, design your logo and/or print materials, and someone to provide administrative support when things go wrong (they will probably go wrong).

It’s vital to realize that among these helpful support systems, there must be a storyteller. Why a storyteller? Because someone needs to paint the picture of your business, your goals and your personality.

It’s difficult to objectively display your company. You know your company and your model better than anyone. Yet, consider the value of having an outside party recognize and extract the interesting nuggets that truly allow you to stand out from the crowd.

The right marketing storyteller can strategize for you. You may think you have a great selling point or product that makes you irresistible, and you may be right. Consult a marketing professional who can make a story out of your business and properly sell it to the masses time and time again.

It’s all in the details. Talented and qualified storytellers ache over every syllable, and torment over word usage, just as skilled marketing professionals understand the diamonds are in the details. Make sure you’re shedding light on every sparkling facet of your business.

It’s great to have a web developer who can tear through code without breaking into a sweat, or a graphic designer with the fastest turnaround time this side of the Mason Dixon line. These assets aren’t valuable if someone in your support team doesn’t take the time to understand your story is worth telling. More importantly, you need someone that knows how to tell your story, and who to tell it to.

All the great stories have lasted throughout the ages. Will yours?

(This post was contributed by Nicole Branigan, a freelance writer who regularly gets involved in helping to tell our clients’ brand stories. We’re thrilled to have her voice here, and to link to her very deserving freelance site.

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