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World Expo Water Tribune Videos a Success

We just received word from our client Stevn Lovink, founder of Planet2025 Network, that the three videos we were hired to produce for the World Bank as part of a worldwide conference held in Zaragoza Spain were a great success!

The goal of the project was to create a series of three short videos to be used in a week-long live, multi-location, globally networked conference, with groups of participants located in nearly 30 countries, all participating live via GDLN conferencing software. The videos were designed to be the catalyst for those discussions, which centered around the global challenges taking place in the water sector.

Each video tackled a unique area, such as the societal values necessary to foster a water and life-sustaining civilization, or effective methods of communication about water issues such as waste, pollution and leadership corruption, and accelerated means of educating a global populace about these urgent issues.

It was challenging work, which is just the sort of thing we love around here! You can view three of them on YouTube (as a matter of pride, I feel I must mention that YouTube really distorts the quality of both the audio and video. We delivered a final cut with a much higher production value, but YouTube is the easiest place to see it online, so the tradeoff for the client was worth it. Please be sure to click the “View in High Quality” link right below each video as it loads. Thanks!)

Values for a Life Sustaining Civilization (Part 1)
Values for a Life Sustaining Civilization (Part 2)
Accelerated Learning

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